The Seminole Nation is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. Other than Seminole Nation Tribal Member/Indian Preference, selection for this position will be made without regard to race, sex, color, age, marital status, national origin, or any other non-merit factor.



a. All employment applications and supportive employment material will be evaluated based on the relevance of the applicant's qualifications and experience as it applies to this position. You are required to demonstrate how you meet the minimum qualifications and experience most relevant to this position to be considered qualified to compete for this position. Your application will NOT be considered if you do not show how you meet the minimum qualifications for this position.

b. Indian Preference. It shall be the policy of the Seminole Nation to provide preference in hiring opportunities to Tribal members and to other Indians enrolled in federally recognized tribes. Tribal and Indian preference shall be applicable in all employee hiring, promotion, and transfer decisions.

c. The employment preferences set forth in this section shall apply to all Tribal programs regardless of the program's funding source, and shall apply to all classes of positions.

d. Except for the employment preferences authorized under this section, it shall be the policy of the Tribe that no employee or job applicant shall be discriminated against in pursuit of employment or career growth due to race, color, religion, sex or national origin.

e.  If offered a position, a pre-employment background check will be conducted. Failure to disclose all charges or convictions may result in the offer of employment being rescinded.




• The Seminole Nation of Oklahoma has a "Drug Free Work Place Policy" and conducts Pre-Employment and Random Drug Testing. All tribal employees are subject to random Alcohol and Drug testing pursuant to the Tribal Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual.


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2019-SEMINOLE-012: Child Advocate
Job Code:2019-SEMINOLE-012
FT/PT Status:Full Time
Job Description
The Child Advocate works within the Tribal Court System and in conjunction with Tribal Social Services and Indian Child Welfare to provide a voice for children in court proceedings. The child advocate is the individual who works with and represents the interests of the child during legal proceedings such as family disputes, child neglect or abuse cases. Essential responsibilities include:

* Provides caring, steady support for children and youth as they go through court proceedings and counseling sessions; 

* Assist with crisis-counseling for children and youth who have experienced trauma, domestic violence, sexual assault, mental health problems, or other challenges;

* Furnishes families and interested parties with contact information and access to basic services such as job training, life skills training, physical and mental health care, parenting assistance and more;

* Conducts detailed assessments of the child's mental, physical and emotional state by conducting interviews and home visits; 

* Evaluates the child's environment, reviewing potential dangers with caregivers and teaching ways to minimize threats to the child's well-being;

* Maintains current records on all clients and follows up on active cases to ensure the safety of the child;

* Collaborates with outside organizations to provide ongoing support for reintroduction of children into stable home lives;

* Provides reports to the Court that contain all pertinent information necessary to assist the Court in determining the best interests of the child.

* Must possess exceptional people skills and be able to work with children and families from all walks of life;

* Must have excellent communication skills, both written and oral;

* Must be an exceptional listener, able to ask questions and extract information that the individual may be reluctant to share;

* Must maintain good judgment in crisis situations;

* Must be familiar with child psychology and be able to identify warning signs of abuse, trauma, physical and mental stability, and substance dependency;

* Must be sensitive to different cultures and be willing to learn about different approaches to family structure, behavior and communication;

* Must be familiar with a wide range of community resources, especially those that tend to children and youth needs;


* Bachelor's degree in child advocacy, and/or family counseling and/or psychology and/or social work preferred. 

* Must have experience either as a volunteer with child advocacy groups or have a background in social work, legal aid or counseling.

* Must receive training in victim advocacy and child abuse and victim services.

HR Staff

Russell Torbett, SPHR, HR Director

Ashlee Hailey, THRP, HR Specialist

Alberta Morrow, HR Generalist-Training

Sonya Lunceford, THRP, HR Generalist-Benefits

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Ashlee Hailey
THRP, HR Specialist - Government
phone: (405) 257-7218
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nena Anderson
HR Director - Gaming
phone: (405) 217-0176 Ext. 103